Analysis of heat transfer efficiency of plate-fin radiator


Plate-fin radiator is a widely used equipment. Because of its excellent performance,

it is widely used in chemical, oil and natural gas processing industries.

It can be seen that the plate-fin radiator is important for all major industries.

The main reason why the plate-fin radiator is popular is not only because it has excellent heat dissipation effect,

but also because the plate-fin radiator is very light in weight and small in volume.

It can handle more than two kinds of media at the same time, and its working efficiency is very high.

This is the main reason why major enterprises choose the plate-fin radiator!

So let's introduce the structure and working principle of plate-fin radiator.

Plate-fin radiator is composed of fins, baffles, sealing strips and cover plates.

According to different shapes, fins are generally divided into flat, serrated, corrugated, porous, louvered and so on. Now we commonly use the corrugated type. The network channel formed between various plates exchanges heat through the fins, and the working fluid flows through the narrow and tortuous channel formed between the two plates, The hot and cold fluids pass through the flow channel in turn, and there is a partition plate in the middle to separate the fluid and conduct heat exchange through this partition plate, so as to achieve the effect of heat exchange and cooling.


Due to its corrugated plate-fin structure, as well as the very thin baffle and fin, the heat conductivity is very good,

making its heat transfer efficiency high.

Under the same heat exchange area, the heat exchange efficiency will be much higher than that of radiators with other structures. Plus its compact structure, lightweight.

The aluminum plate-fin radiator is light because it is generally made of aluminum, steel, copper and composite materials.

With strong adaptability, it is applicable to heat exchange of various fluids such as gas-gas, gas-liquid, liquid-liquid, etc.

The composition, structure and working principle of the plate-fin radiator are introduced in detail.

I believe that now you should have a more specific understanding of the plate-fin radiator.

In fact, if you want to buy a plate-fin radiator,

you need to have a very full understanding of it before you have a corresponding concept at the time of purchase,

and then you can better apply it later.

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