How can we make the use efficiency of plate-fin radiator higher?


The plate-fin radiator is very important for the operation in many fields!

The application of plate-fin radiators is indispensable in both construction and industrial industries.

The main purpose of applying plate-fin radiators in these fields is to cool various media and special gases in the equipment,

so that the cooled media can meet the production conditions of enterprises!

It is also because of the importance of plate-fin radiator that the maintenance work of plate-fin radiator is indispensable. So what can we do to make the plate-fin radiator more efficient and make its life longer? Let's introduce it in detail.

1. The radiator shall not be too close to any acid, alkali or other corrosive substances.

2. Keep the plate-fin radiator clean, and avoid reducing the use efficiency after the channel is blocked.

3. In order to avoid blocking and scaling, it is recommended to use softened water.

4. When using antifreeze, it is necessary to use antirust antifreeze that conforms to the standard terminology to avoid corrosion of the radiator.

5. The spare radiator should be stored in a ventilated and dry environment.

6. During installation, in order to ensure its heat dissipation capacity and sealing, do not damage the heat sink or sealing layer.

7. It can be cleaned once every three months according to the actual use.

What are the general methods to alleviate the scaling of plate-fin heat exchangers?

1、 The plate-fin heat exchanger should not be used in dirty or easy to scale environment (unless other measures of adding y effect),

and the operating temperature should be controlled at about 50 ℃ or lower.

2、 When unsoftened cooling water is used as the cooling medium, the sensitive temperature of calcium and magnesium ion precipitation in the medium shall be avoided.

3、 It is also very effective for plate-fin heat exchangers to adopt periodic chemical cleaning or removal and cleaning according to the different conditions of use,

whether it is clogging or scaling.

The above is the method introduced by Wuxi Puler Heat Exchanger to effectively alleviate the scaling of plate-fin heat exchanger.

I hope it can help you! Even the best quality plate-fin heat exchanger will inevitably produce scaling after long-term use,

but in order to avoid scaling in the plate-fin heat exchanger as much as possible, we can do it in the above way,

which can also extend the service life of the plate-fin heat exchanger!

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